OSCAAR Hot Rod #2 Hawn Motorsports

Event Date: June 1st, 2019
Event Location: Jukasa Motor Speedway

This past Saturday, the OSCAAR Hot Rod Series made it’s first stop this season at Jukasa Motor Speedway. The Canadian Super Speedway hosted the NASCAR Pinty’s Series first event of 2019 (APC 200) and we were proud to provide the first act of the days show!

With Mother Nature’s fury looming large, yet again! We were restricted to only one short practice session. We posted the fastest lap time in the field of 12 cars but would have liked a second practice session to really dial in the Beaumont. We would discover why a second practice session really was necessary in the late laps of the feature.

We started 2nd in the 25 lap Feature and lined up next to Nick Clark in the #69 who had the pole position. Within two laps of the Green Flag Tyler had made the pass on the #69 for the race lead, through turns 1 & 2. The car was exceptionally quick through turns 1 & 2 throughout the main event. Leading by as many as 5 car lengths for most of the first 10 laps, things looked really promising for a win. Caution brought the field back to a restart on lap 13 where the #2 regained control of the lead quickly. Steve Book in the #64 had been the competition for much of the day, running very similar lap times and having control of 2nd, nearly uncontested. That all changed on lap 15. Out of nowhere Jerry Broom in the #93 began closing the distance between himself and Tyler. Over taking Steve Book for control of 2nd spot eventually. A mixture of our right front tire beginning to roll over and Broom’s car being a longer run car had us battling to maintain the lead for 3 laps. Our #2 held Broom off as long as we could but eventually the push through the turns and the wear on our right front became too much to keep up with the new race leader. In a testament to the driving ability of Tyler Hawn however, he was able to run his fastest lap of the day very late in the race trying to catch the #93. We finished out the feature keeping 2nd place. Considering the tire issue, we were quite satisfied with being able to hold on! Consistency wins championships. So far….so good!

OSCAAR was treated to an amazing opportunity at Jukasa last weekend. Our Hot Rod and Modified shows were streamed live for the very first time! The commentary was well done, the footage was excellent, and it was so neat to hear the driver’s names and sponsors called out throughout the action! We want to thank EVERYONE involved in making this possible!

Except for Mother Nature spoiling some of the fun, we are very satisfied with the start to the season. A heat win, and two 2nd place finishes are the type of consistency we have grown to expect of our veteran driver of the #2. With more practice sessions and heats, we can not only continue to pump out solid finishes, we can also snag some checkered flags!

Our next Hot Rod event is June 29th at Sunset Speedway. We want to congratulate Jerry Broom and the #93 team for their win on Saturday and Steve Book and his team for the podium finish at Canada’s Super Speedway. We would also like to thank Brad Holmes, James Stanley and Adam Hagen for their help in the absence of the regular members of the #2 team! You are all appreciated!

A special THANK YOU to all our 2019 Partners on the #2 Hot Rod!

Fox’s Bakery & Deli
Knightworks Design
Watson’s Garage
Top Shops Auto Body Supply
MB&K Plumbing
Motorhome Escapes Canada
Mad Viking Beard Club
Tire Depot Barrie
The Home Depot Barrie
Dan Little Jr. Photography