Tyler Hawn OSCAAR Hot Rod Aftermath

Series: OSCAAR Hot Rods
Driver: Tyler Hawn
Event: Canadian Short Track Nationals
Speedway: Jukasa Motor Speedway
Date: August 31st, 2019

This past Saturday the #2 Fox’s bakery & Deli, Knightworks Design Hot Rod from Hawn Motorsports travelled to Canada’s Super Speedway. Canadian Short Track Nationals hosted by Jukasa Motor Speedway has been an event anticipated by race fans and teams for months. Being dubbed “The richest racing event in North America” and offering a total purse of $300,000 to be won throughout the weekend. The OSCAAR Hot Rods were honoured to be the ONLY small series invited to play with the big boys!

Saturday the full Hot Rod program took place amidst the Outlaw Super Late Model’s full program as well as practice sessions for the Pro Late Model Main Event scheduled for Sunday. Our day consisted of two practice sessions, two heats and a 30 Lap Feature. We ran 2nd fastest in Practice #1 and felt rather confident we were close to where we needed to be with the #2 Hot Rod. The team made the appropriate adjustments to the car and we returned to the track for Practice Session #2. Although our times had improved after the adjustments, so had several other cars and we wound up 3rd fastest in our second session. We were pleased with the results and remained confident that we had a shot at the win later in the evening.

Tyler Hawn has run well over 100 laps at Jukasa Motor Speedway with the OSCAAR Hot Rod Series and we were confident that his driving skill and experience at the track would put us out front in our Heat. We had no idea the rollercoaster ride our team was about to embark on lol. We fueled the car, torqued her wheels, checked her tire pressures and strapped in Tyler as per our routine. We watched the #2 roll away from the pit to line up for Heat #1 and that is when things went to “hell in a hand basket”. Somewhere between our pit box and the lineup on pit road the right-side control arm sheared completely off and left our car immobilized on pit road with only minutes to go before our Heat. I don’t need to stress how lucky our driver was, that this component did not break while running at any sort of speed. It likely would have been catastrophic.

Adam Hagen and Tyler repairing broken Control Arm

Our team wasted no time beginning repairs to the control arm once the tow truck delivered our poor girl back to her pit box. Although we had just missed our first Heat of the 2019 season due to technical issue our team was NOT ready to call it a day. Our only hope was to make the repairs in time to make the Feature at 7pm. Watching our entire team come together and turn out a repaired car with 6 minutes to spare before Feature time, was one of the highlights of the 2019 season for me so far. We also want to thank all the amazing teams that offered us assistance during our repairs. We truly appreciated everyone’s support!

Having missed heats earlier, we started scratch in the Feature at 17th position. The first few laps found us hung up behind 15th & 16th place cars and watching the leader and first pack gain a sizeable lead. On Lap 4 Tyler was finally able to make an incredible three wide pass that saw the #2 split the 15th & 16th place cars right up the middle while entering turn 3. From there we began an eight-position run making up serious ground on the leaders and closing within striking distance of the front pack. The speed and maneuvering by Tyler Hawn during that run, was some of the best racing all weekend. Call me bias if you like, but he is just that good! Our team was ecstatic when a late race caution around lap 25 allowed us to stack back up and make our final charge to the front. After all the adversity of the day, after all the hard work and after feeling as though our day was done only a few hours earlier, we were right there! With the car to beat! The green flag dropped resuming the action with us running in 7th place and in excellent shape to get the leader with 5 laps remaining. Unfortunately, the race gods had other plans in mind. Before completing the restart lap the lead cars tangled heading into turn 3 and started a chain reaction wreck that ate up our #2 Fox’s Bakery & Deli, Knightworks Design Hot Rod and several other cars. Our day was now done! It was such a punch in the face to our team! After overcoming everything that day! We created a chance for a win where there simply wasn’t one! And watched it disappear in a matter of seconds. It is still hanging heavy in our hearts and minds days later. Everyone in the Hot Rod Series was ok and most of the cars involved will be repairable.

Steve Book OSCAAR Hot Rod Series Feature Winner at Jukasa Motor Speedway

After a long wait for track clean-up, we watched the race resume with Steve Book in the #47 car take the lead and he never looked back! Steve is one of the many stand up Drivers in the OSCAAR Hot Rod Series and a friend of the Hawn Motorsports team. He is hot our heels in the points race this season sitting comfortably in 2nd but that’s just how we get down! Cheering for the competition! Congratulations to the #47 Team and Steve for a big win on a big night! If it couldn’t be us? We are happy it was you!

A very successful event for the series in general with a Record 18 cars in attendance and the largest payout for a Hot Rod race in series history as well. We truly hope that Jukasa makes us a permanent fixture in the Canadian Short Track Nationals weekend for years to come!

With a smaller but definitive point lead in the OSCAAR Hot Rod Series, we will repair the damage to the car and begin preparing for Fall Velocity at Sunset Speedway on September 21st & 22nd, 2019. Returning to a familiar track size and surface will be a great way to rebound for the #2 Team. Keep your eye out for the Don Hawn Edition Beaumont in Victory Lane at Fall Velocity!

We would like to THANK all our 2019 Partners on the #2 Hot Rod for their support this season!

Fox’s Bakery & Deli
Knightworks Design
Watson’s Garage
Top Shops Auto Body Supply
MB&K Plumbing
Mad Viking Beard Company
Tire Depot Barrie
The Home Depot Barrie
Motorhome Escapes Canada
Dan little Jr. Photography
Seasons Centre for Grieving Children