Series: OSCAAR Hot Rod / Pro Sprint
Driver(s): Daniel Hawn / Tyler Hawn
Event: OSCAAR Night
Speedway: Flamboro Speedway
Date: August 24th, 2019

Hawn Motorsports at Flamboro Speedway

The OSCAAR racing family visited Flamboro Speedway this past Saturday. It is somewhat rare for all three OSCAAR schedules to line up, but it happened for the third time this season and the entire family converged on Flamboro. Joining us was the home track pure stocks and Pro Late Model Qualifier for Canadian Short Track Nationals. The speedway hosted a classic car and hot rod event throughout the day and invited all the participants and their vehicles on track at intermission for a “burnout session”. It was quite a sight! Cars, trucks, new and old, modified and stock! It was a real spectacle to watch nearly one hundred vehicles (with headlights lol) make their way around the track in a parade fashion. Very neat concept! Hats off to the folks at Flamboro Speedway for an interesting and entertaining intermission show!

Saturday marked the 2nd anniversary of the passing of Hawn Motorsports founder Don Hawn. Needless to say. It was a day full of mixed emotions. Tyler and Dan run every lap in honour of their Father Don and this Saturday wasn’t going to be any different! Currently sitting atop of their respective series in points, wins and highest average finish, the boys weren’t looking to change much, just keep the awesome momentum going and make their Father proud as always!

The afternoon Heat action saw Dan Hawn and the #2 Specialized Upholstery & Glass Pro Sprint car snag the checkered flag twice. The OSCAAR Hot Rod’s would run two practice sessions and then prepare for two 20 lap Features later that evening. The afternoon seemed as though it would be somewhat of a relaxing period until the #57 Pro Sprint car of James Stanley (close friend to Hawn Motorsports) suffered a mechanical shock failure during the first Practice session and made one hell of a mess of his front end. Stanley’s entire Crew and most of Hawn Motorsports Crew spent several hours rebuilding the car and were able to not only get the #57 done in time for it’s Heats, but it came out faster than in Practice! It was amazing to watch the amount of work that went into repairs on the #57 and even more shocking to see that after such heavy damage the two teams were able to produce a rocket that would challenge Dan Hawn all Feature long! Teamwork goes beyond your own team!

The first of two Features for the OSCAAR Hot Rods saw the #2 Fox’s Bakery & Deli, Knightworks Design car start in third position. Tyler Hawn spent the better part of the 20-lapper hot on the rear end of the X car but couldn’t complete the pass with a few laps to go and finished 2nd. After the Feature our team decided it’s about time to have a closer look at our 602 motor before we attend Jukasa this coming weekend. Routinely running hot and losing power from time to time on the straights will not help us get to where we want to be.

The OSCAAR Pro Sprint Feature was without a doubt the talk of the evening! Plenty of action in this one! The #57 of James Stanley began the Feature running out front and held the 1st position for several laps before the #2 Specialized Upholstery & Glass car was able to catch him, having started near the rear of the pack. Once the #2 caught the #57, it was on! The two fastest cars in the series both built by Hawn Motorsports Chassis Works battled hard for much of the middle portion of the race, until Dan Hawn began to pull away. It looked as though it was going to end in typical fashion when suddenly the #76 car hit the wall coming out of turn 2 trying to avoid the #15 who was spun out in the middle of the turn. The yellow brought Stanley and Hawn back side by side for the restart. Dan Hawn won the restart battle and regained the lead briefly, before another caution gave Stanley and the #57 a second shot at a restart. The two drivers battled hard right to the end of the race, but the #2 Specialized Upholstery & Glass car was able to run away with it on the final lap! Hats off to the Stanley Racing boys for such a hard-fought night on and off track! You’re looking damn good fellas!

The second Hot Rod feature of the evening started Tyler and the #2 Hot Rod in 8th position. In a short amount of laps Tyler was able to pilot the #2 comfortably into 5th position. Unfortunately, the X car who sat in 4th blocked the #2 for the rest of the race. Having the run on the X several times Tyler had to choose between a potentially wrecked race car or settling for a 5th Place finish! He did what any veteran, respectful driver would do…. he settled for 5th. As it turned out this was a very bright choice considering that the X car was disqualified shortly after the Feature was over for a technical infraction. This was of major consequence to the X team and major benefit to the #2 team. With the disqualification to the X, we secured the best over all finish between both features and walked away with another win for the good guys!

Our team parts ways this coming weekend as half will head to Sauble Speedway in search of a surfboard with the #2 Pro Sprint and the other half will be running at Jukasa Motor Speedway with the #2 Hot Rod for Canadian Short Track Nationals. With the season winding down, we will be careful to keep our eyes on the prize! Two more series Championships are just about in the palm of our hand and we couldn’t be more excited!
We want to say THANK YOU to all of the 2019 Partners of our team that have made it an extra exciting and successful season so far! You are all very valuable to our team and we are lucky to have them on-board!

Knightworks Design
Fox’s Bakery & Deli
Specialized Upholstery & Glass
Legal Assist
MB&K Plumbing
Watson’s Garage
Tire Depot Barrie
Home Depot Barrie
Top Shops Auto Body Supply
Mad Viking Beard Company
Motorhome Escapes Canada
Electric Motor Coil Company
Dan Little Jr. Photography
Seasons Centre for Grieving Children