Date: July 6th, 2019
Event: Peterborough Fan Appreciation Night / OSCAAR Hot Rods First Appearance
Speedway: Peterborough Speedway
Car(s): #2 Fox’s Bakery & Deli / Knightworks Design Hot Rod
Driver(s): Tyler Hawn

OSCAAR Hot Rod Series Driver Tyler Hawn

Well it was another successful weekend for the #2 Fox’s Bakery and Deli / Knightworks Design hot rod from Hawn Motorsports! Marking their very first appearance in history at Peterborough Speedway, the OSCAAR Hot Rods didn’t just show up, they broke their own car count record! 17 beautiful, vintage race cars showed up ready to roll! The series is growing so rapidly and bringing in so many new and fantastic looking rides every weekend! The fans at Peterborough Speedway came out in swarms for their opportunity to see this exciting and classic series run! Fans got an extra unique opportunity to have a look at all the killer cars with their annual Fan Appreciation Night taking place at intermission. Our team simply loves these opportunities! Meeting and speaking to the race fans truly bring together the racing community and allows us to connect directly with the people who make what we do possible. Well over a thousand folks poured onto the track on Saturday and it was so fantastic to see everyone’s faces and hear the endless positive comments and remarks about our #2 Fox’s Bakery and Deli / Knightworks Design car, gorgeously prepared by Watson’s Garage for the 2019 season.

Our Hot Rod was on rails all night. Not much to say other than the setup was perfect from the first practice of the afternoon. Huge thanks to the #2 Crew Chief Dan Hawn, who was in Grand bend serving up another triple win Saturday in the OSCAAR Pro Sprint series! Dialed in isn’t even the word, Tyler ran inside, outside, high, low and anywhere else he wanted all day in Peterborough. Smoothest I have ever seen our #2 run! It was a rare, very easy night technically. Any race team’s favorite sort of night I would imagine!

Tyler Hawn greets fans from Peterborough Speedway

The Don Hawn Memorial Children’s Fund pitched in on the epic event on Saturday. Providing fireworks for each feature winning driver as well as grand finale following the show! We would like to thank Rocket Fireworks for providing the memorial fund with such an excellent deal on their products! They were a big hit with fans, teams and drivers! Thank you! We would also like to thank Peterborough Speedway for allowing us to collect donations for the DHMCF on Saturday and especially to everyone who donated so generously! Heart felt appreciation!

Hawn Motorsports thought we would be extra good to the fans on Saturday by providing a FREE raffle ticket to the first 500 people through the gates. There were four gift baskets created including Hawn Motorsports t-shirts, hats, decals and other fun gifts from our 2019 Partners! The response to the raffle was sensational! We congratulate the four winners and we hope you enjoy your prizes! We would like to thank Mad Viking Beard Company once again for providing us with their amazing products to share with our fans!
With 6 Heat & Feature wins combined in the last two events, we travel this week to the place where this series doesn’t belong but has so much fun lol Brighton Speedway! Time to get down and get dirty! The clay track always hosts an exciting and packed crowd and we really enjoy our trip away from the asphalt to go play in the dirt! Wish us luck! Every team needs it down there lol.

We would like to thank our 2019 Partners for all that they do for us! We appreciate you all!

Fox’s Bakery and Deli
Knightworks Design
Watson’s Garage
Top Shops Auto Body Supply
MB&K Plumbing
Motorhome Escapes Canada
Mad Viking Beard Company
Home Depot Barrie
Tire Depot Barrie
Rocket Fireworks
Dan Little Jr. Photography
Seasons Centre for Grieving Children