Tyler Hawn Crew Chief for Dan Hawn Hawn Motorsports

Can-Am Midgets Series: #42
Driver: Dan Hawn
Event: #5
Speedway: Peterborough
Date: June 22, 2019

It was event #5 of the Can-Am Midget series in Peterborough last Saturday. A near capacity crowd and exceptional weather set the stage for one amazing night of racing! The folks at Peterborough Speedway have a loyal following and always put on an organized, amped up show for their fans! Hawn Motorsports was happy to be a there for the first time with the Can-Am Midgets #42 EMCC car.

In our first practice session the #42 was experiencing a leak from the pressure cap on the cooling reservoir, causing very uncomfortable and slightly dangerous circumstances for the driver Dan Hawn. He returned to the pits and the team was able to replace the cap and the only technical issue of the day was put to bed.

With the technical hiccup behind us, practice #2 went very smooth and the #42 was able to run lap times consistently below 14.0 seconds with the best lap being 13.3 seconds. For some reference those times are comparable to Super Late Model lap times at Peterborough Speedway. It was obvious quickly that the trip to Pippard Racing Engines was the right choice! Another notable adjustment between practices was the brake bias. The team has yet to find the sweet spot but with each lap this #42 team is learning, and I mean fast!

The First Feature of the evening Hawn started in the rear of the field as per the Series Rookie Rule. For a lesser race car driver perhaps too far behind to become a factor in the race, however Dan is getting better with every lap and was able to reach as high as 6th place and finished in 7th. Making some fantastic passes and avoiding what looked like a certain collision with the back-stretch wall while being forced up the track by a fellow driver were highlights of the first feature. A rookie campaign in a series as competitive as this does not often give much reward in the early going but we are thrilled to be a consistent mid pack team already.

Mad Viking Beard Co. & Hawn Motorsports

The Second Feature of the evening took place under the lights at Peterborough Speedway and was the more action packed of the two. Just 4 laps in the #91 car and the #50 car tangled up coming out of turn 2 and narrowly escaped a heavy collision with the wall. The extra curricular activity that took place on the track and carried into the pits resulted in the arrival of Peterborough’s finest and disqualification of both drivers. Although exciting to the fans lol. We would like to see proper disciplinary action taken. In a rebuilding year, the Can-Am Midgets can ill afford this type of exposure. And no driver can afford to replace a car or a life. There are bad eggs in every carton unfortunately.

The positive in the second Feature of the night was that Dan Hawn drove a very consistent race, leading the mid pack split the full duration of the race and creating tons of time and space to run productive clean laps. With the #91 and #50 sidelined the #42 was able to creep into 6th place and hold it for a career high finish! Our team couldn’t be happier with this monumental leap! The cold feet and unfamiliar feeling seem to lift off the team this past weekend and we are pumped about it! Event #5 brought us to the door of the Top 5 world and we even peaked in the window for a bit. It looks inviting inside! Lol So the plan is to keep humble, keep working and eventually break down the door and join the party!

Be sure to check out Hawn Motorsports new YouTube Channel for amazing GoPro 4k onboard footage of all the action in event #5. Subscribe to see footage from all three Hawn Motorsports 2019 cars!

Our next event for the #42 is June 29th at Full Throttle Motor Speedway.

We would like to thank all the partners on the #42 car for their support and contributions:

Electric Motor Coil Company
Specialized Upholstery & Glass
Legal Assist
MB&K Plumbing
Motorhome Escapes Canada
Mad Viking Beard Company
Pippard Racing Engines
Seasons Centre for Grieving Children