Dan Hawn at Sunset Speedway 2019

So, we have reached the off-season once again! Engines have cooled, shop lights are off, muscles kind of healing, cars are drained/winterized, and visions of 2020 are beginning to formulate. There is a part of each team member that can’t wait for the season to be over late in the year. But every one of us instantly misses the long hours, the stress, the travel, the challenge and fun when it ends. Our team took about two weeks this off-season. We didn’t go to the Bahamas either lol. Two weeks, and right back into it! Dedication, desire, passion and will is the fuel we use! After another incredibly successful season for our race program, we will be continuing to grow and build with confidence and a bit more knowledge entering 2020.
Our 2019 race season ended in October at the 27th Annual Autumn Colors Classic where both #2 rides from Hawn Motorsports locked down Championships, in consecutive fashion! The #2 Specialized Upholstery & Glass car took it’s second series Championship in a row and smashed dozens of records while doing it. Winning 31 combined Heats and Features while starting scratch each week! Hall of fame like performance by our Pro Sprint Crew and Driver all season long. The Pro Sprint program from HMCW will continue to support the series and will run a part-time schedule utilizing multiple drivers to accommodate the full points schedule the Can-Am Midget Team will run in 2020. Dan Hawn and two mystery drivers will pitch in to hopefully run the entire Sprint schedule.

Tyler Hawn at Jukasa Motor Speedway 2019

Our crown jewel, the Don Hawn Edition #2 Fox’s Bakery & Deli / Knightworks Design OSCAAR Hot Rod got it done the old-fashioned way, consistency! With less Wins this season than in 2018 at 10, Tyler Hawn and the #2 Hot Rod team felt the pressure of a talent pool that improves week in and week out in the series. Several teams have really stepped their game up since the 2018 season and there is no doubt this trend will continue. Regardless of the win tally being less than we hoped, our season was full of incredible racing action and wild moments! Consistently inside the Top 3 at most events paved the way to our organizations third consecutive OSCAAR Hot Rod Championship! Don’t care what you run, or where you’re from! Three championships in a row is one hell of an accomplishment! This success has come from the combination of a brilliant racing mentor, a wealth of knowledge, a natural born feel for the wheel and a highly supportive team! The #2 car will run it’s fourth consecutive full points schedule in 2020. Our hunger for more event wins and a fourth championship in a row is growing by the day.

Our programs very first part-time schedule in the #42 Can-Am Midget car was a big success. Driver Dan Hawn piloted the EMCC car to just outside the Top 10 with an 11th place finish in season points. The #42 team also found themselves with their first podium finish ever in the Rookie year, scoring a 3rd place Feature finish at Sunset Speedway! We closed out the season consistently running just outside the Top 5 and having one of the fastest cars in the series from night to night. All of the stats above might not otherwise be much to shout about, but when you consider we ran just a little over 50% of the events? Pretty amazing growth in such a short time! We shift into high gear for 2020 and will be running a complete point schedule as well as adding another Midget car to the arsenal. The second driver has yet to be finalized but keep your eye on social media for the announcement after the new year. Our Can-Am Midget program is developing in fine fashion and will be a big focus in 2020. Our goal is to crack that Top 5 on the routine and park it for the first Can-Am Midget Feature Victory in Hawn Motorsports long and decorated history!

Dan Hawn Can-Am Midget Series 2019

The Don Hawn memorial Children’s Fund was created this past season. In order to support and give back to the children of our community and racing family. We promoted Season’s Centre for Grieving Children in Barrie on all our cars and spread awareness of their great non-profit organization. We will be working with Seasons Centre again in 2020 but will be looking to get the kids of the centre more involved with our team and with racing! Donations from yourself or businesses you know can truly help change a child’s life in a very rough period of grief. If you see the DHMCF donation box at the track this coming summer? Please donate generously! We want to thank everyone who donated to it this year, thank you!

We rolled out a team race wear line and sold nearly 400 items this season. The great folks at Knightworks Design provided us with this excellent promotional opportunity. It marks the beginning of the Hawn Motorsports team merch era! We are busy planning the new line of clothing and promotional items for 2020 as we speak. Look for the announcements on our website in the spring of 2020! We have some crazy cool things coming out!

Tyler Hawn Fan Appreciation Night Peterborough Speedway 2019

2019 was a season jammed full of wild moments, heart pounding suspense, big crashes and even bigger wins! The Hawn Motorsports organization grew its fan base online by over 1700 people and at the tracks by several thousand more! We love what we do on the track, but without you folks cheering us on and coming out to watch? It just wouldn’t be the same. The Fan Appreciation Nights at Sunset Speedway and Peterborough Speedway were highlights for our team. Getting in touch with the fans and getting to know so many of them this season was a great opportunity. 2020 our team will have even more interaction with our fans, contests and appreciation nights. Keep your eyes on social media for announcements. A huge thank you for your incredible support of Hawn Motorsports. You are the best fans in racing!

We had several new and long time Partners in 2019 and we would like to thank all of them for their support. The price tag attached to racing is immense and we could not produce the quality or lend the time to our program that we do without you. The price of things aside, the relationships and bonds established with excellent long-term Partnerships is truly where the reward lies. We are lucky and honored to represent our long-term Partners!

Dan Hawn Fan Appreciation Night Sunset Speedway 2019

Hawn Motorsports has so many new plans and ideas for 2020, we are looking to keep the momentum accelerating in all aspects of our race program and we are already busy preparing to make next season our biggest ever! You don’t wanna take your eyes off this team in 2020!
From everyone here at Hawn Motorsports we wish you and yours a very safe off-season, Holiday Season and Happy New Year! We hope to see everyone in the Spring! Thank you for coming along on the 2019 ride with us!!!