Dan Hawn at Flamboro Speedway May 11th

Date: May 11th, 2019
Location: Flamboro Speedway
Series: Can-Am Midget

This past Saturday Daniel Hawn was set to see a two-year dream come alive, by making his first official full-time season start with the Can-Am Midgets series. Coming off a 2018 Series Championship with the OSCAAR pro Sprints, Daniel is excited to move into a series with greater technical requirements, higher top speeds and new challenges.

Our team arrived in Flamboro on Saturday having completed our ONLY practice session of the young season not but a week before at the very same track. The team was confident in the performance of the #42 during practice but was anticipating an increased number of adjustments that night, given the limited testing and adjustment period before the season start. This fact aside we were impressed with how well the car was running and handling. With a front brake bias adjustment being our only change prior to our first practice.

During our practice session the #42 was running 7th fastest in a 16-car field. Laying down consistent lap times, you could tell Daniel was becoming more comfortable in his brand-new ride. Then the racing gods spoke! With a small amount of smoke from the engine area of the #42, then a larger amount of smoke and then catastrophe! Upon returning to the pit, our team discovered that a wire bundle had contacted the drive shaft on the #42. As a result, several systems were affected electrically. The #42 crew wasted no time and began repairing the wiring issues. The crew completed the wiring repairs and began assessing the rest of the damage and mess only to discover that the wires had damaged the clutch hydraulic system as well. After several hours attempting to repair the clutch, Daniel and his crew conceded they would not make the heats or feature that evening. But not for lack of trying.

The result of the visit to Flamboro last Saturday has been a great reminder to our team that the smallest of details overlooked, can end your night and make years, months or days of work feel like they were all for not! The #42 crew is busy as we speak making the repairs in preparation for Spring Velocity at Sunset Speedway this coming weekend with an extra eye on the “small things”.

A disappointing result with event #1 on the season will serve as inspiration to keep focused, keep improving, keep learning and specially to get back up, when you are knocked down!
Hawn Motorsports would like to thank the following 2019 Partners on our #42 Can-Am Midget car. Hawn Motorsports sincerely appreciates all your support!

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